Blood Lands Gauntlet Announcement

We are introducing something fun for the players and easy for DMs to run whenever one is available to do so without any major set up.

We are calling it the Gauntlet.  There will be a solo and a group version. And players can earn rewards once per week for running it along with standing on a Leaderboard.

The Solo gauntlet will be real simple.  The player will announce which CR level they wish to start at, and then they will fight one monster of that CR level at them and increase the CR level of the following monster by 1 until they die.  The highest CR they make it to will be their standing on the solo board. Players can use healing potions, and the uses of these potions are canon.  There are no long rests allowed, but they may take a short rest ever 5 monsters.
The solo gauntlet can be run immediately whenever a player and DM are ready.

The group gauntlet will be pitting a group of 3 to 5 players up against a series of boss monsters (monsters with legendary actions).  Again potions are canon, and they can rest after every 3rd boss.  It start the players out at the lowest level boss monster, and increase to the next lowest level available boss monster until the party is wiped out.
The group gauntlet can also be run whenever a group is prepared and a DM is available.

Gauntlets will be run on the Arena Server.

The rewards will be a number of blood stones or blood gems based on the level of completion.  The amounts are yet to be determined, but will be awarded at the end of each week by the admins.

No more evil aligned Characters

Just an FYI going forward we will no longer be allowing the creation of evil aligned characters.  This is to allow DMs to focus more on their games without having to worry about balancing things between good and evil players.  Those of you who are currently evil may keep your alignments, or shift to a neutral alignment.  If you choose to shift your playstyle must reflect your "redemption" from being evil into a less evil type.

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