Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Domains: Life, Grave, Light, Death

Worshiped by: Kalashtar, Gith - But was recently to be recognized by All

God of: Luck, Happiness/Joy, Tears, Love, Birth, Spirits, and Miracles

Primary Avatar(s): A Phoenix, but also Raven, Dove, or Butterfly - On occasion will show during the night almost like a spirit that's fluid in appearance 


Ashira is a positive force to be reckoned with. Who happily presides on the mortal plane, watching and observing them from afar, especially during childbirth. They helps guide new spirits into their life, and watches those during their last breaths, to help guide them into their afterlife. With Ashira's domains, they act as a shepard, deliverer, and guide to spirits, leading them with hope, positivity, and light. They believes that all souls and life is dear however, and that they should all have the chance to be renewed. Ashira is proud of all her followers who attempt to make postivie impacts on others and the world, and of all new life that is birthed into the world. They do not believe in death for the sake of death, there is a firm belief that the natural order of life and death should continue to remain in the balance. Anyone who attempts to disrupt is easily dissaproved of. Their followers cast her in a positive light, and it is not uncommon to see her shrines covered in flowers. Those who do not follow them, don't seem to mind her and believe Ashira to still be a positive and reasonable deity.

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