Alignment: Lawful Evil


Domains: War and Order

Worshiped by: Humans and Goblins

God of: Strategy, War

Primary Avatar(s): Human/Goblin in full combat gear 


Azodus only goal is to become the one true god of this world that is his only true care. He is willing to do anything to achieve his goal. Over the centuries he has lured the humans into thinking they are the true race of gods and through that, he will achieve his one title because he believes that the gods with the most followers and worshipers are the strongest among all of them. He has also acquired the friendship of some of the more mischievous gods to help him in his quest. All they ask for is that they can have a seat in his new world, With this much traction, he has also acquired some enemies as well, mainly his fellow god Xandreilth. Azodus' greatest strength is in strategy. He believes he knows everything that there is to know about war strategy, but unfortunately, with his greed he has a tendency to underestimate his enemies even with thousands of years of experience under his belt.

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