Welcome to the Blood Lands!

It has been over 500 years since the great war of the Immortals threated to tear the lands asunder. During a time of great upheaval and strife 3 great empires have managed to rise to dominance on the central continent of Orlanthia. There is the draconian nation Vredia that worships Iconclast the Great Red Dragon and ruled by Dragonborne that resides on the NE of the continent. There is the Human Empire Sanguis in the SE, this tiny empire is also the most powerful. The humans who rule it have discovered the blood arts and are ruthless in their rule. To the west lies the great empire of some unlikely allies in Elves, Dwarves, and Tieflings... taking up nearly the entire western half of the continent. Though vast this empires might is the least shown. To the south in the vast desert sits a small nation, and vast unclaimed territory. A small swath of land separates the human and draconian empires, the rulers of these lands have yet to make themselves known Despite their vast powers, all 3 empires have recognized the city of Veradon as an independent and neutral city. For it is here that the mercenary guild known as The Oath Keepers, have made their home and HQ. This guild is home to the most powerful mercenaries on Orlanthia, any one of which could single handedly topple a small nation. The cities central location to all 3 empires have brought great wealth to it and the guilds that reside there, as all 3 empires seek help from the mercenaries to rid their lands of troubles while they wage war. It should be noted that the city has taken a stance of refusing to engage in any political or war contracts, and thus will not lend their might to any one land. Your journey begins in the city of Veradon.

How to Start

Keep in mind that if you need any help at any time you can ask help in the new-players-help channel and someone should be able to assist you right away. 

Edit 6/13: This section is out of date. Refer to the FAQ in the discord server for more accurate and up-to-date information on allowed classes, roll20 server links, etc.  

You begin in our creation server link here: https://app.roll20.net/join/3888689/pL03eA  after you have loaded up just ask a one of our friendly neighborhood admins to get you a character sheet! Once you have your sheet you are ready to begin creating your character just follow these simple steps and you will be done in NO TIME, but first there are some basic rules of what you can and can't do when creating your character. 

Quick Sidenote: If you do not feel comfortable with using roll20's sheet for your character creation you can create it on DndBeyond, but the final stats and everything must be on the roll20 sheet because that is what we use for our bounties. 

Keep in mind, the Blood Lands has a home-brew pantheon. 

All Standard Classes + Matt Mercer + Blood Magic Subclasses are allowed.

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WVMuKs7ji4xLMvX9QfMXIVjPEFf8UlS-

'All official races are allowed. If you find it on DndBeyond character builder you can be it as long as it is NOT Home-brew
Some exceptions
' may be made if you are unsure ask an admin.

You also start you character at lvl 5. Your character must be of neutral or good alignment.

After you have decided what your character is going to be you can finally roll their stats and that is pretty simple since we have our own Macro for you to use. Here it is: 

&{template:default} Template:Name= Ability Scores {{5d6dl2}} {{5d6dl2}} {{5d6dl2}} {{5d6dl2}} {{5d6dl2}} {{5d6dl2}}.  

Remember it is up to you what stats you put in which section after your first bounty those are locked in and can no longer be changed, so think wisely on how you want to play your character. 

You also start out with 100GP and whatever you class/background gets you.

After your creation is done ask an admin to import your character into our main server here: https://app.roll20.net/join/3992419/jEB5sA and give you access to the character on there as well. 

We also ask that you add your character to the following spreadsheet and keep it up to date so that DMs can create a better balance of games for players.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16HawD3zKtaeskRUMW2xldXsKc21zgpUVQ7VfGQN0KXk/edit?usp=sharing

Leveling and Ranking Up

Now you might ask how do you level up and achieve the different ranks well that is simple because we have a neat little system that divides our bounties into different rankings and here they are.   

Copper: Levels 5-7 and you gain 1 level after every bounty complete meaning after 1 bounty you go through 5 to 6!  

You gain 800 gold for each completed bounty

Silver: 8-10 and you gain 1 level after every 2 bounties meaning you gain 1/2 a level for every bounty you do.  

You gain 1500 gold for each completed bounty

Gold: 11-13 and you gain 1 level after every 3 bounties you do meaning you gain 1/3 a level for every bounty.  

You gain 2500 gold for each completed bounty

Platinum: 14-16 and you gain 1 level after every 4 bounties you do meaning you gain 1/4 a level for every bounty.  

You gain 4000 gold for each completed bounty

Adamantine: 17-18 and you gain 1 level after every 5 bounties you do meaning you gain 1/5 of a level for every bounty.  

You gain 8000 gold for each completed bounty

Mithril: 19-20 and you gain 1 level after every 6 bounties you do meaning you gain 1/6 of a level for every bounty.  

You gain 12,000 gold for each completed bounty

Now you may think after level 20 your character story comes to the end but that is not the case for this server, you have the option to go on an EPIC level story missions so your character can achieve lvl 30. 

Retirement: ​​​If you are bored with your character though (at any time) you may choose to retire it and you can just create another character that is 1 RANK below your current one aka if you are gold you start at the medium of silver. Suicide is also considered retirement. 

Lastly you may think that your character can die at any moment, but in the Blood Lands players will not be targeted if their downed until they are gold rank. You can still however die from death saving throws but that is the only way you can die until Gold Ranking; Even then the mission must be labeled as Deadly in order for the NPCS to ​​​​​​deliberately attack you, but if your character does die you can start a new one 1 LEVEL BELOW your previous character.

Resurrection: If you are killed on a mission, you cannot be revived without proper spells and components until the party makes a visit to a major city and pays the corresponding fee or the bounty ends. The player may use personal funds if it is found reasonably that the player could be returned to a city, otherwise either another player or a guild must pay the fee.

After a player dies their soul is trapped within their body for a period of about 3 days. During this duration the fee is 10,000 Gold Pieces to resurrect someone.

Following the three days if a player has yet to be revived, their soul begins to dissipate from their corpse and they must pay a fee or risk permanent death. The fee is 50,000 Gold Pieces.

If the player is not revived within 7 days then nothing can return the soul to body short of a wish.

Trading: The ONLY thing that is allowed to be traded are ITEMS that is it no exceptions, also you must trade with people within your ranking bracket. 

Channel Definitions

Edit 6/13: This section is (somewhat) out of date. Refer to the FAQ in the discord server for more accurate and up-to-date information on the important channels to know.

#character-introductions -- Introduce your characters here.

#one-shot-listings -- upcoming one-shots and bounties will be posted by DMs here. After a oneshot is posted, pm the Dungeon Master to join.

#announcements -- self explanatory!

#faq -- again no explanation needed

#new-player-help -- for new players to ask questions and receive answers from veterans

Veradon RP Channels -- Do all your between one shot RPing here!

#dice-rolls -- Roll dice here

#the-shoppes -- declare purchases of available items here… shop inventory will also be updated weekly here

#one-shot-loot-tracking -- all players will be required to post the loot and gold earned from a one shot here for tracking

Guild System

If you have questions or suggestions message Hades#2148

Initial setup: Go to shoppe and pay for the paperwork and submit it to the Guild tracking channel to create a guild in your desired territory. A private channel for your guild messages will be created. Guild halls can be rented or purchased. A guild hall is not required but can have a max of 1 Guild Hall.

Rent vs buy vs outside Rent: Quick access to larger halls or access to small halls when first starting a guild. No custom room. Cannot sell.

Buy: You get access to the custom room(s) and you are located in the city walls not requiring any extra defences other than the odd guard. Get ½ the purchase price for selling it. 1% cost of purchase price per week for city taxes

Outside the city: The building costs more but you keep the land on upgrades. Total costs more than one in the city but has a bit more freedom and a near limitless cap. You are not inside the protection of the city, guards can still be called out for the odd thing but it takes them time to get out there. Selling this one you can keep the land for further upgrading but if sold ½ of the land price is gained. And you get ⅓ the cost of the building back. 2X the inner city price per week for basic hirelings and maintenance staff


[Buy] 1,000 GP - Establish a guild name, invite players (once you have a hall unless opening as a partnership), create a guild bank, receive a role.

Small Guild Hall

[Rent | Buy | Buy Outside] 1,000 GP/week | 12,500 GP (125 GP/week) | 9,000 GP +1 Acre (250 GP/week) - 5 Bedrooms (inn style), Basic Rooms**, 1 Custom Room (Admin Discretion)

Medium Guild Hall

[Rent | Buy | Buy Outside] 2,000 GP/week | 25,000 GP (250GP/week) | 19,000 GP +4 Acres (500GP/week) - 10 Bedrooms (inn style), Basic Rooms**, 2 Custom Rooms (Admin Discretion)

Large Guild Hall

[Rent | Buy | Buy Outside] 4,000 GP/week | 50,000 GP (500GP/week) | 37,500 GP +9 Acres (1000GP/week) - 20 Bedrooms (inn style), Advanced Rooms***, 4 Custom Rooms (Admin Discretion)


Guild Castle Upgrade

Requires the purchase of a Large Guild Hall outside the city. This will be upgraded to a Castle for an additional 20,000 GP and 6 more acres of land, total of 15 acres (min).

This gives an additional 5 bedrooms and is expandable for 5,000 GP for every extra room.

1 extra Custom Room (Admin Discretion)that is expandable for 10K plus the room cost.

Castle adds 1 large kitchen, 3 living rooms, an armory, servants quarters, outside training area, stable, vault/treasury.

500 GP (8,000 GP min) for every length of acre to be walled (10’ high 1’ thick. For taller walls there is a calculator on google sheets). 5,000GP for gated entrance + another 2,000gp for a drawbridge. 1,000GP for every acre of moat to be dug (16,000 GP min). Estimates made based off of entire acreage exterior not partials inside the grounds but that could be arranged at request.


Custom Rooms

[Buy] 1,000 GP(Minimum) ~ 100,000 GP(Maximum) - Custom room for your current guild hall. (Price and Usability at Admin Discretion, a list will be available as well but if you have other ideas make a request)

*A guild hall can be modeled into anything they wish if it is purchased upfront, as well as being relocated to anywhere within the territory the guild was established. Otherwise rented guild halls are in the territories major cities.

​**Basic rooms consist of a meeting room, lobby, kitchen, bar, and a storage cellar.

***Advanced rooms consist of a meeting room, grand hall, common area, kitchen, kitchenette, bar, and two large storage cellars.

A guild can only have as many members equal to the number of Bedrooms + 5.

The guild bank earns 50 percent of a players bounty gold as per their rank. These guild funds are controlled by the founders of the guild, and can be used for resurrections, paying for up to 10% of an item's cost for a guilds member, or in the future purchasing guild upgrades and perks.

Player housing

Players may purchase housing both inside the cities and outside the cities for themselves. To make things universal, pricing is the same no matter where you wish to establish your land.

Inside the City

Small Estate [BUY] 25,000 GP | 5 bedrooms (house style) **standard set up

Medium Estate [BUY] 30,000 GP | 8 bedrooms (house style) **standard set up

Large Estate [BUY] 35,000 GP | 10 bedrooms (house style) **standard set up

**Standard set up for estates includes a storage cellar, kitchen, large dinner hall, 2 living rooms, outside training area, and stable

Outside the City

Plot of Land

[BUY] 5,000 GP per acre *required prior to buying a house

Small House

[BUY] 8,000 GP | 2 bedrooms, 1 acre of land required

Medium House

[BUY] 10,000 GP | 3 bedrooms, 1 acre of land required

Large House

[BUY] 15,000 GP | 5 bedrooms, 2 acres of land required


[BUY] 20,000 GP | 8 bedrooms, 5 acres of land required


[BUY] 30,000 GP for base castle | 10 bedrooms (expandable), min of 10 acres of land required.

Additional bedrooms can be built for 5,000 GP each. Other additions can also be made at request. Cost will depend on the request.

All houses comes with a storage cellar, kitchen, dining room, and living room.

A mansion comes with 2 storage cellars, kitchen, large dinner hall, 2 living rooms, outside training area, and stable

Base package for a castle includes 1 large and 1 small kitchen, 2 large storage cellar, a grand hall, 4 living rooms, an armory, a guard barracks, outside training area and stable.

Interested in becoming a One Shot-DM? Perhaps a Lore-Master?

We are always looking for more Dungeon Masters. One Shot-DM"s are managed by administrator Mythlin#2586, if you're interested in joining the team send him a message through discord. Within this message make sure to mention your experience with being both a player and dm, familiarity with the rules, and anything else of note. Don't let this deter you from being a DM if you have no prior experience! There will be a trainee program to get anyone new to being a dungeon master or using roll20 caught up to the teams standards.

There are also Lore Masters. Lore Master's have created the world you see here today and have the option to run bounties that can affect the world in a dramatic way. These Lore Masters also have the power to contribute to the ever-growing world of Orlanthia, and playing NPC's in role-play chats. If you're interested Lore Master's are managed by administrator Eudonidano#1545. Within this message include any prior experience with world building, and current ideas or contributions you had in mind, and anything else you may bring to the team. Lore Master's also have the ability to run solo one shots for players that are purely for either role-play purposes or backstory/character development. These one shots don't provide rewards, unless discussed with an administrator prior.

DM Reward System:

DMs will be rewarded for up to 6 one shots run each week

DM Rewards can be found in the DM FAQ channel in the discord server.


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