Gauntlet Info

Gauntlets are considered an Magical Simulation event done via illusion and psychic magic.  From now on consumables used in the gauntlets will be separate from consumables in one shot missions.  Any damage to items, or deaths to pets or players that occur in the simulation do not affect your actual items or pets.

Going forward we will be introducing Gauntlet system 2.0  Within that system for solo gauntlets you will be permitted to use 2000 GP worth of potions.  You must declare which potions you are taking with you prior to starting.

The group gauntlets will be encountered based and each adventurer ranking will have their own gauntlet they can challenge.  You can challenge higher or lower ranking gauntlets as well, but you will not receive rewards for completing lower ranking gauntlets. You may also choose to solo a group gauntlet if you so desire.

The way the Gauntlet Champion is determined will be a point based system.  You will earn one point for each CR level you complete in the solo gauntlet, and 5 points for each ranking of group gauntlet you complete.  The player with the highest point total will be crowned the champion.  In the event of a tie.  The player who completed the achievement first wins.

Gauntlet rewards will be done as followed and can be obtained once per month:
Solo Gauntlet: 1 Bloodstone for completing CR 5, 1 Blood Stone for Completing CR 10, 1 Blood Stone for Completing CR 15, 1 Blood Gem for completing CR 20.

Group Gauntlet: The rewards will be posted in each Gauntlet's introduction

Gauntlet Standings

Player Name Points
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