Alignment: Neutral Evil


Domains: Death and Trickery

Worshiped by: Werewolfs, Shifter

God of: Plague, Death, Decay, Betrayal

Primary Avatar(s): A Diseased wolf 


Gork the Pus Lord loves watching mortals betray one another, he revels in his plagues that cause a very slow death. His power comes from his plagues that ravage the world, which is also his greatest weakness when his plagues fall short his power lessens. Despite his evil nature he regrets not being able to reconcile with his brother Korg. His greatest pride is all the death his plagues have caused. Gork is mostly a loner but he respects a few of the evil gods. His greatest enemy is his brother, they forever play an intense game over the world. Gork is thought of by most of the other gods a Mutt that needs to be put down. His followers see him as a savior form this cruel world. He is considered by the normal folk as a dreaded demon that causes every sickness

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