Alignment: Neutral Good


Domains: Tempest, War

Worshiped by: Goliath, Minotaur

God of: Thunder, War, Chivarly, Courage, Friendship

Primary Avatar(s): A Wolf with half white fur and half black fur 


Korg is a protecter at heart he loves all the folk. His power comes from the stroms of the world. He is very guilible however. His biggest regret is that he couldn't turn his brother back to light. Hid greatest pride is the good work his followers do in his name. Korg is has many friends among the good aligened gods but the evil gods despise him. His greatest enemy is his very own brother Gork he tries to stop many of his evil plots where ever he can. To his followers he is seen as an avenging angle dealing lighting bolts to the wicked and rain for the needy farmer

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