Kreevix, Voice of the Damned revels in the harvesting of mortal souls. Her power comes from the intensification of feelings of hatred and entitlement in mortals, leading to an eventual payoff in increased casualties and death. Who dies is rarely something she cares about. Her weakness is that she suffers from the same blinding hatred she instills in others. She is incredibly jealous of the other gods and wishes to take her revenge on them someday. She regrets her very existence. She prides herself in knowing that she was the cause of much death amongst the mortal followers of her sibling gods, weakening their power. Most of the other gods despise her or just don't care about her very much at all. Her followers believe she is the voice that speaks from the afterlife whispering words of malice and vengeance. She is considered a bad omen by other mortals, the symbol of the horns and six feathered wings being a somewhat occultist symbol, left to identify and instill fear.


She takes the form of a humanoid skeleton, with large horns and no face. From her back sprout six large feather wings of dark ebony.


Intended to be a guide for souls traversing the path between their mortal lives and the afterlife, Kreevix was created shortly after the first mortals began to die. Tasked with leading the dead to their place among the spirits of the underworld, she grew to be obsessed. When not enough mortal souls were ready for harvest, she grew bitter and began to sow the seeds of malice and vengeance amongst those who could hear her dark whispers. War was the only offspring of her barren womb, and her twisted creation offered up an ever-increasing number of souls for the reaping.



Skill Check DCs

Symbol of Kreevix used by followers to identify and terrorize.

History DC10:

History DC15:

Arcana/Religion DC20:

Arcana/Religion DC25:

Arcana/Religion DC30:


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