Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Domains: Knowledge

Worshiped by: All

God of: Advice/ Wisdom

Primary Avatar(s): Giant White Wolf, with feathers and dream catchers braided into his main 


A Giant wolf that watches over his followers like a father, and acts like one as well, he guides his followers to saefty, and heals them in times of need. If asked upone he will come forth, and talk with the follower, but will not fight. The great Razamoth avoids fights, and looks for a peacful way to resolve an issue. Along with his kind heart he is eisly manipulated, into the followers personal gain, and if this is found out by him, razamoth will take no hezitation in killing the betrayer, or branding them as a liar, and coward. Any one who prays to razamoth, he is proud of. Those who don't follow him, he get a bit sad at this, but always hopes that they will ask for him one day. When branded there is a white wolf permenetly attacheted to the skin of the creature and when they lie, it burns them.

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