No NSFW posts of any kind

No Racism

No Hate Speech

No Sexual Conduct of any kind

Players must be 14+

This is a family friendly and all inclusive server

Do not argue rules with a DM during a game.  If you disagree with a ruling, discuss it after the game, or find an admin after the game.

DMs rulings within a game for that game are final, nothing will be retconned or awarded retroactively.

Do not get into arguments with other players, we are all here to have fun. While participating in the Roleplay text channels…

use * around statements for emotes made by your character.

use ( ) around statements to denote talking in a language other than common.

Use ((   )) for brief OOC statements, extended OOC discussions should be taken to the universe room.

All posts that have nothing to do with the games or universe should be posted in the #other-gaming room

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