The Spear of the Gods

The Spear of the gods is Orlanthia's tallest mountain. It is located in the far north of the western side of the continent. It is a gigantic mountain, dwarfing the mountain ranges found across the continent, rising well through the clouds. Nobody has been known to have reached the top.


Temples and shrines to gods are located at the foot of the mountains, where secluded priests reside. Small groups of Firbolg are also known to live at the foot of the mountain to live in solitude. Creatures ranging from elementals and dragons have been seen on the mountain, so many have been advised to be wary if attempting to climb further up the mountain.

Rumours and Folklore

The mountain is rumoured to be home to a God, rumours varying from many different gods to just one. History books written before the Blood Wars speak nothing about the mountain, so many suspect it has not been present before then, although many dismiss the theory. Many strange creatures ranging from elementals to adult dragons have been known to reside on the mountain, some say they are drawn to it, others say the mountain is a portal to another plane.


In reality, the Spear of the Gods is the Spear of Amaranthinos, who wielded it in the Blood Wars, having used it to slay his enemies. After a particularly bloody battle, as a tribute to the fallen and to his weapon, Amaranthinos drove the weapon into the ground before him and the earth began to grow around it, growing and growing until it reached an enormous size, becoming the mountain known as the "Spear of the Gods."

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