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It is the year 537 of the Blood Calendar and the Gods, Dragons, and Demon Lords continue their fight for control of the people. The humans and dragonborne have begun to wage war in the name of their gods. You find yourself on the central continent of Orlanthia, in the city of Veradon, a neutral city at the borders of the 3 great empires run by mercenaries and offer their services to all the surrounding nations of Orlanthia. Mercenary guilds, Taverns, and shops litter the central through fare, which leads it way from the North gate of town to the Southern half where the Hall of Bounties lies. In this hall you can find parties to band together with and enlist your services to any of the bounties that are pinned of the board, assuming you have the rank to do so.

Come join us on at the Blood Lands! The Server where you write the story! Everyone is a main character here. Level up through various one-shots and rp events that take place in discord. Want to DM but also play? That's great! We reward our DMs with xp credit for their player characters for every one shot they run so their characters aren't left in the dust!

We have players and DMs from all over and are a welcoming community. We welcome those new to DnD as both players and DMs. We'll show ya the ropes and get you moving! We allow for you to either reflavour existing adventures you have into our universe, or completely homebrew your own adventure to expand the lore of the world! We have a dedicated Lore team who encourages consistent role play through participation and events!

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