Alignment: True Neutral


Domains: Nature and Life 

Worshiped by: Tabaxi, Tortle, Centaur, Elves 

God of: Trees, Life, and Growth 

Primary Avatar(s): Giant Elk and Dryad 


Vilena is the goddess of the forest life, as she swear to protect it to the best of her abilities. She swears to hate anyone who dares to harm the natural order, and hunting animals to the last one. As she became more powerful with her followers, she granted them the power to spare the dying, and ways to help her fertililze the land, aiding in her quest to grow more vegitation, even on the stone ground. Her greatest regret was allowing a tree to have free thought, causing them to become more humanoid, than natural beigns. Her greatist weakness is fire. Cares little to those who don't pray to her, but aids the ones who do greatly, but only once a day. 

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